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WATCH: Passengers Help Put Out Battery Fire As Smoke To Fills The Cabin [Video]

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A Spirit Airlines flight from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport to Orlando International Airport was forced to make an emergency landing in Jacksonville, Florida after a battery caught on fire in an overhead bin.

As smoke filled the cabin, passenger Rocco Chierichella rushed to assist. Chierichella, who is a retired firefighter, opened the overhead bin and found the piece of luggage that had caught on fire. He helped the flight crew extinguish the flames, suffering minor burns to his hands.

“Smoke was billowing out of it,” Chierichella told WJXT. “And what it was, was a battery-powered vape tied to a battery charging inside the compartment. Very dangerous. And it ignited a piece of luggage next to it.”

While the flames were extinguished, the cabin was still filled with smoke.

“Everyone calmed down a bit, and we all clapped, but it was still really hard to breathe in there,” another passenger, Joseph Fleck, told the news station. “The fumes were terrible.”

Once the plane safely …

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