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Where does the UK get its gas from? [Video]


il and gas are two of Russia’s key exports, and when the West placed sanctions on the country in response to Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, they had significant effects.

Since the invasion, prices have rocketed, with energy bills about to soar for everyone in the UK.

Here is everything we know about where the UK gets its gas.

Where does the UK get its gas from?

About half of the UK’s gas comes from the North Sea, and a third is sourced from Norway, reports iNews.

The UK’s gas imports are primarily natural gas, in either a liquefied or gaseous state, reports

According to, the UK’s “single largest source of gas” is from the “UK Continental Shelf and the vast majority of imports come from reliable suppliers such as Norway”.

The UK gets a highly diverse supply of energysources including “pipelines from the UK and Norway continental …

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