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Will embracing climate sabotage help save the planet? | TV Shows [Video]

On Thursday, August 25 at 19:30 GMT:For decades, climate activists have tried to sound the alarm on a warming planet. But protests, marches, boycotts, petitions, strikes and other non-violent means of drawing attention to climate change have not stopped fossil fuel emissions from increasing. As extreme weather events such as droughts, wildfires and storms proliferate, some activists are arguing for more drastic action: climate sabotage.

Last month, activists in New York deflated the tires of gas-guzzling SUVs in a rich neighborhood to protest their emissions. And in southern France this month, a separate group filled golf course holes with cement after golf greens were exempted from water bans during a severe drought. On a bigger scale, vandals in Canada caused millions of dollars in damage this year and halted operations on a key worksite for a multibillion dollar natural gas pipeline project.

Those in favor of sabotage argue that time is running out to make any meaningful change to the …

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