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Carson City Sheriff’s Office Hosts Their 20th Annual ‘Sheriff’s Night Out’ Event | Local News [Video]

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Tuesday was a busy day for all kinds of public service agencies in Carson City.

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office hosted their 20th annual “Sheriff’s Night Out” event in Mills Park. The annual event acknowledges all public safety organizations, non-profits, and businesses that work together to keep Carson City safe.

 “This is a recreation area, this is a family area, this is where so much good goes on. So, bringing the officers, and the firemen, and the agencies here is a non-stressful environment where we can really listen without distractions,” said Sheriff Kenny Furlong from the Carson City Sheriff’s Office.

The event included a wide range of activities and goods for attendees.

Families took photos on service vehicles such as sheriff motorcycles, fire trucks, military planes, and more.

A medical care helicopter landed in the middle of the park for everyone to witness. K-9 units performed a demonstration on how …

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