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Temperatures in Montreal set to plummet [Video]

Climate Change News

Following an exceptionally warm April day on Tuesday, temperatures are set to drop on Wednesday.

A sharp cold front sweeping across Quebec should drop temperatures rapidly throughout the day, with some areas possibly seeing rain change to wet snow.

Environment and Climate Change Canada has issued flash freeze warnings east of Quebec City, including the Charlevoix region.

Temperatures are expected to drop by 10 degrees, causing puddles to freeze.

Surfaces such as highways and sidewalks may become icy and slippery.

A blowing snow advisory is in place over parts of the Gaspé Peninsula, where heavy snow and strong winds could combine and reduce visibility on the roadways.

Accumulations are expected over eastern regions of the province. 

In Montreal, winds could shift to the north, increasing to 30 to 50 km/h.

The temperature is expected to drop by over 20 degrees from Tuesday afternoon.

The temperature should drop to -2 degrees Celsius Wednesday night, down from Tuesday’s high of 19.5 …

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